Quality delicacy builder, new definition of kitchen

FOTILE electric cooker series, show the strength via technology, highlight attitude with quality, and create brand new lifestyle for you.

Ready for the culinary innovations of top-rated chefs

Imported German Schott glass and EGO burners possess excellent high temperature resistance performance and lasting durability. They support every method of cooking, from boiling and frying to steaming and stewing. First-class qality that satisfies the needs of every cook.

Safely cook across the range with serious protection

After turning off the stove, the surface remains hot for some time, making it easy for family members who are not aware to get burnt. With residual heat alarms, the likelihood of an accidental burn is reduced. From residual heat alarms to childproof safety locks to high heat protection, FOTILE takes care of every aspect of your safety, so you can cook without concern.

A kitchen trendsetter: delicious flavors are a touch away

FOTILE’s proprietary O-TOUCH controls combine beauty and strength in a single form. The combination of cutting-edge innovation and art-inspired aesthetics herald the start of a new era of culinary design allowing for more creativity in the kitchen.

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