Full fire power, cook unlimited delicacy

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High heat is sufficiently high, low heat is sufficiently steady to allow cooking at will.

Patented Jet Collision Technology, with a thermal efficiency of more than 60%. High-efficiency super firepower, saving time, gas, and money.

12 safety protections

Multi-protection from the inside out, safe cooking guaranteed


Easy to clean, worry free

* Explosion-proof glass panel, smooth and easy to clean
* 1° tilt design allows liquid outflow easily
* Portable cleaning, double handle design, easy to take, faster and more convenient to clean residue;
* Chamfer design, liquid tray chamfer design, easier to clean


Rapid ignition, no need to keep pressing, fast and precise ignition in 0 second

Technical Parameters

Certification: CE,PSB Product Size (mm)(W×D): 860X500
Built-in Size (mm)(W×D): 816X460 Gas Type: LPG/NG
Gas Pressure (Pa)/Voltage: 2800/2000/1000 Thermal Load (BTU): L:4.85 R:4.85
Cooking Area Silk Screen Diameter(mm): / Knob: cylindrical bakelite knob
Grate: cast iron Net Weight (kg): 16
Gross Weight (kg): 18 Carton Size (mm): 910X545X210

Contact Info

Address: 52XX Phase 3 Commercial, DHA Lahore

Phone: 042-3569-3990-91

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