Enjoy 40dB Peaceful Time

Quiet as low as 40dB in cooking comparable to the ticking sound of the clock, it will never disturb the sweetest dreams of your baby. You need an assured environment for delicious dishes.

FOTILE develops a variety of noise-reducing technologies so we can increase exhaust velocity while drastically reducing noise

DC Variable Frequency Motor

Bionic Wing-like Impeller

360° Micropore Noise Reduction

Silent Volute

Varied Double R Turbine System

Nautilus Air Passageway

Magic Power of 720 pa Static Pressure

Sometimes the range hood is ideal but the long duct with bending is not. You need more powerful fume purging system.
FOTILE has upgraded the smart monitoring model with surging 720pa purging power. The fume removal capacity of the range hood is improved by 28.7%. The fume can travel 100 m just within 3 s with duct resistance easily conquered.

The intelligent kitchen is designed with people-oriented awareness in mind

We are committed to optimizing your kitchen experience. We apply that wisdom to our technology in order to show you how much we care about you. We do things right so you can save your valuable time and energy with peace of mind. Fall in love with cooking!

Auto Turbo System

Under stress of heavy weather,smoke will be easily drawn back in. And if you live in the appartment, the smoke in the public flue will accumulate in short time as the peak time of cooking.Now with auto turbo system, you don’t have to worry about cooking fumes getting sucked in but nowhere to go!

Smart sensors detect resistance in the exhuast flue and automatically adjust air volume. With pressure up to 1450m³/h, smoke is removed without impediment. Never deal with annoying drawn-back flue gas again!

Intelligent Air Steward

Real-time monitoring and evaluation of harmful gases to preserve indoor air quality. Worried about mold, leaking gas, secondhand smoke or chemical fumes from new construction?

With our Intelligent Air Steward, these problems are no longer cause for concern!


Auto Anion Sterilization

When the hood is turned on, it will automatically distribute negative ions. Auto anion sterilization can kill bacteria in the kitchen, keeping air clean and fresh for longer.

Go ahead and finish that meal; you won’t lose your appetite after smelling stale smoke anymore.