Microwave and grill heating system, Independent ventilation system, Instant menu.

Microwave and grill heating system lets your tastebuds explore.

FOTILE microwave oven has two cooking methods: microwave and grill. Whether you want to heat up a slice of pizza after work or conveniently barbecue for a get-together with friends, our microwaves are able to fulfill your varied cooking needs. Happiness arrives from the inside out.

Worry-free intelligent living

FOTILE microwave oven uses independent ventilation system to prevent dampness from accumulating in the side panels, as is often created by a standard microwave’s rear exhaust. Our “Front in, front out” exhaust ventilation system allows circulating air to disperse heat more quickly. Troublesome dampness is reduced, keeping side panels fresh and making sure strange smells are gone for good.

Want to enjoy the ultimate delicacy, without having to take too much trouble?

Instant menu makes cooking easier than ever

When you’re back at home after an exhuasting day at work and want a good meal without the trouble of cooking, why not take advantage of our microwave instant menu? Preparing everything from barbecue spare ribs to a warm glass of milk is a piece of cake. That is the secret to a nutritious meal made in two minutes.

 One key startup, easy to use

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