Wave Goodbye to Cooking Smoke

Goodbye to cooking smoke with a wave of the hand. Wave to switch on or switch off the hood.


Smart SMOTION Detection (smoke + motion)

  • 180-second Turbo Vacuum sweeps away all traces of smoke using 460Pa of air pressure
  • Turn the hood on or off with a wave of your hand

SpeedVac Technology

  • A direct 4-point extraction system that instantly removes grease
  • Trap cooking smoke before it starts to spreads

Umbrella Containment Field

  • 900mm chamber and 310mm-long plate contain the spread of cooking smoke in a confined area
  • Adjustable 135o cover prevents grease from coming in contact with your face
  • Blocks cooking smoke without obstructing your view

MagEasy Filter Design

  • Unique magnets running through the grease filter allow for easy attachment and detachment when necessary